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Injected! The Truth About Vaccines

Since the creation of vaccines, there has always been an anti-vaccine movement.  At the crux of the modern debate, was an article published in one of the worlds’ most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet, which made a causative claim between the MMR vaccine and Autism.


Using this “study” as a springboard of proof, anti-vaccine proponents have continuously vocalized myriad issues with vaccines   This film explores the positions asserted by the anti-vaccine movement and the science that supports or denies these positions.  Further we interview the journalist who effectively blew the lid off this controversial study, which has now been deemed fraudulent.


Our purpose in making this film was to give an unbiased look at both sides of the issues, and give the viewer (and more specifically any new parent grappling with whether to vaccinate their child or not) an opportunity to see each issue discussed in a point-counter-point style.

Swallow This!

Navigating the World of Nutritional Supplements is designed to help consumers make more informed decisions of which supplements may be right for them. With little oversight or regulation of the industry itself, as well as differing opinions at every turn, navigating the complex world of dietary supplements can be overwhelming. Carefully-chosen, highly-credentialed experts provide insight to the history, development, production and distribution of dietary supplements. This film offers the best attempt at an unbiased view of what is right, what is wrong, and what is questionable within the supplement industry.

Mac Africa!

MacAfrica has been the “Queen of Hollywood” for years, throwing the

wildest and most unique parties in the club world. Struck by an

unimaginable tragedy, Mac retreated from the scene to recover. Now reenergized,

and ready to tackle the world, she reaches out to a friend and

top club promoter to help her get back in the game.

Learning that the rules have changed, Mac makes it her mission to form

the hippest and hottest posse to assist her as she creates some of the most

memorable parties for the youngest and hottest clubgoers and Hollywood


World famous for her “MACAFRICA’S Soiree”, the viewer gets

unprecedented access to her wild and eccentric life at home and in

Hollywood, as well as an up-close and personal view as she traverses the

globe throwing A-list parties at Tribeca, Cannes, Sundance and Venice

Film Festivals to name a few.