Philip M. Cohen

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Although known for being an investor, director, producer and executive producer of over 1000 films, TV shows and digital video programs Philip Cohen has a rich entertainment marketing background. Philip began his career in the entertainment industry when he was recruited by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to be a member of their six-man home entertainment marketing group. In this position he was first tasked to help introduce home video entertainment products to the American consumer. Phil was assigned to various merchandising, marketing and promotional positions within Home Entertainment before being promoted to Director of Special Markets at Fox Film Corporation. As director of Special Markets, Phil managed a guerrilla marketing team moving between 20th Century Fox departments and subsidiaries identifying licensable properties and characters for ancillary sale and distribution. It was during this period that Phil learned the various production aspects of directing TV, film and videotape.

Following successful product distribution and licensing tie-in promotions for the final episode of the MASH television series, as well as the Star Wars and Porky’s film series, Phil became President of the Ambassador Group, a marketing consulting agency contracted to Fox, as well As Warner’s, First Star, Screenplay, and Elite, for new market development. Ambassador successfully launched a number of programs for Fox and other studios, specifically of licensed product, prerecorded videotapes, and electronic video games. During this period he directed the investment in a slate of over a dozen feature films as well as distribution of home video product, licensing and merchandising. After joining the Ambassador Group, Phil saw it acquired twice and subsequently became president of both acquiring companies.

In 1987, after working with Vetcare Videos, a place based waiting room network for veterinarians, The Ambassador Group was acquired by PCA, Inc. to establish a joint venture with Grey Advertising Agency and the Alexco Venture Capital Group. This joint Venture was a place based media company called HealthCare Television Network.

As President/CEO, as well as producer and director of all content, Phil took this startup, advertiser supported, closed circuit television network and subscribed thousands of doctors offices paid for by advertisers such as Proctor & Gamble, Shering-Plough, Johnson & Johnson and others. In 1990, after selling HCTV to Whittle Communications division of Time-Warner, PCA, Inc. joint ventured with EVRO Corp. to duplicate the effort and developed the Good Health Channel. Following the sale of GHC, PCA, Inc. was acquired by The Nightwing Group, Inc. Phil was retained as president of Nightwing which was then acquired by Entertainment Arts for whom Phil was again retained as President.

After completing his tenure at Entertainment Ars in June 2001 Phil founded PetCare Television Network, a place-based television / DVD programming network in veterinarian office throughout North America. PCTV, a hybrid of the HCTV and GHC concepts is currently subscribed to by over 6,000 veterinarians. In 2003 Phil launched Saddle Ranch Productions, Inc to produce feature films, TV documentaries and medical education videos for his KidCARE TV, a concept similar to PetCARE TV but for pediatricians offices. In 2007 both networks began converting to broadband distribution from DVD and in 2008 launched Women’s HealthCARE TV for Ob/GYN waiting rooms. All three networks operated under the banner of CARE Media Holdings Corp In 2008 Phil also founded America's Minority Health Networks in the same digitally delivered format. Operating one as the African American Medical Network and the other as the Spanish Language Medical Network, these digital programming networks air 8 hours each day on over 3,700 minority medical waiting rooms to a monthly audience of over 5 million viewers.


Phil is a founding director and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Digital Signage Federation. As part of his work as a member of the Past Chairman's Council of the DSF, Phil serves as Chairman's Advisor to the DSF Global DOOH Council. The aim of the council is to foster educating brands and agencies on the power of DOOH & Place Based Media, create standards for the industry and drive the adoption of integrated API’s that will allow media agencies and brands to simplify the process of buying DOOH and its integration into the other communication touchpoints that’s brands utilize.

Steffanie Siebrand

VP, Production


Steffanie Siebrand is a Los Angeles based Director, Producer, Actor, Writer & TV Host.  She recently directed two documentaries, “Swallow This:  Navigating the Dietary Supplement Industry” and “Injected!  The Truth About Vaccines”.  In addition, she was the Producer of the romantic comedy, “Grooming Giselle”, as well as co-Executive Producer of the dramatic ensemble, “Dream In American”.  Her most recent project has been a producer on Jed Rigney’s “Nowhere Girl”.

Steffanie has over 20 years experience in the Entertainment industry from the entertainer side to the production side. After graduating from UCLA, and working for President Ronald Reagan, as well as for a congressman on Capitol Hill, Siebrand returned to Los Angeles, and attended a prestigious two year Meisner acting school, Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, CA.  After graduation, she began working for an upstart cable channel, TFN, The Football Network where she soon became Vice President of Programming and Production.  In addition, she produced and hosted a variety of programs for the network, and for national syndication including The Pac-10 Preview.

Siebrand is currently the host of KidCARE TV & Women’s HealthCARE TV which can be currently seen throughout the country.  She can also be seen as the host in the documentary “Injected!  The Truth About Vaccines”.  She also hosted the paintball show, “Splatter Factor” which aired on Fox Sports World.


Since 2001 she has produced and/or directed over 500 hours of digital signage programming that can be currently seen throughout the country on PetCARE TV, KidCARE TV, Women’s HealthCARE TV, and America’s Minority Health Network, as well as numerous Corporate Videos, EPK’s, and Commercials.  Siebrand was also personally chosen to lead the official production crew for 2012 Presidential hopeful, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Siebrand thoroughly enjoys being behind the camera, as much as she enjoys being in front of it.  As an actor, she can be seen in “Grooming Giselle”, “Dream In American”, and “Rock & Roll:  The Movie”, as well as in the short, “Stuck”, to name a few.

Jon Mayer

VP, Finance

Mayer photo.jpg

Jon, a graduate of the University of Texas with a BA in English and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, has a FINRA Series 79 license and extensive experience in the private as well as public finance worlds. Prior to focusing on finance, Jon served as Manager of Corporate Practice at Burson Marstellar, VP of Perry Ellis International, and president of both Cedar Fresh Home Products and Oxford & Hill. Jon joined Wharton Equity Partners in 2011  working in asset management and investment banking, joining Saddle Ranch Productions in November 2021. 


Jon serves on Board of Advisors for several operating companies and former clients including Iotecha the industry leader in electric vehicle charging technology, See-Cubic a screen media technology company, Cellestial EV Technology, and Secure a Saas based medical management recods platform. 


Jon considers his earning the rank of Boy Scout’s of America’s “Eagle Scout” to have been one of his top achievements. 

Kate R Cress

VP, Acquisition

Currently employed at Saddle Ranch Pictures since 2004, Kate has served as a Producer, Director, 1st Assistant Director, Segment Producer, Production Coordinator…or much more efficiently titled, “Filmmaker”.

After graduating from high school at age 16, she enrolled in the University of South Florida where Ms. Cohen studied business and film. During college she began producing B-Roll and field segments for KCTV and WHC-TV. After graduation from the University of South Florida, Kate moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in film.  She was given the opportunity to 1st Assistant Direct a feature film, and then was immediately hired on salary to 1st Assistant Direct and later on to Produce for Saddle Ranch Productions.  Kate has also been a host for PetCARE TV, KidCARE TV and Women's HealthCARE TV since 2004. Always studying production techniques while on set, Ms. Cohen has 1st Assistant Directed and/or Produced over 100 projects of all types including feature films, TV shows, short films, webisodes and commercials. She has also Produced, Directed, or 1st Assistant Directed over 1,800 Industrial and Education video segments.

Adam G. Topper

Director of Social Media & Playlist Manager


Adam has been with Saddle Ranch Productions since 2011 working in field production for feature films, TV, and Place-Based Digital Out Of Home.


After completing a two year internship in videography and digital editing at Stormmaker Productions where Adam worked on documentaries titled, “Swallow This” about dietary supplements and “Getting to the Point” focused on vaccine as well as working on the camera crew for feature films “Rock and Roll, The Movie” and “Grooming Giselle”,  Adam was recruited to Saddle Ranch as field producer for “Rescue Rangers” and “CannaSpa”. When those shows ran their course Adam was offered full time employment in SRP’s digital division as Playlist Manager for our place-based medical networks. With the rise of social media applications for our clients, the functions of Director, Social Media were added to Adam’s responsibilities where he works with all outside service providers for these digital and social media functions.

Kadey Chambless

Marketing Manager


As the Marketing Manager at Saddle Ranch Pictures Kadey Chambless is responsible for directing the creative aspects of the business including script review to determine salability, working with talent and casting agents to develop and incorporate their input into the project including selection of actors and directors, and is responsible for all outside marketing relationships from web design to feature film editing.


Although graduating from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a Business Degree in Finance, she was totally immersed in the arts including theater and dance to fulfill her creative needs.  Additionally, Kadey spent time pursuing education and training in dedicated creative crafts such as film photography, dark room development, digital photography and advertising art.  After graduation, Kadey moved to the Mainland to pursue dreams of a career in the entertainment industry and quickly found herself working in an environment which utilizes her strengths in project and task management, organization and leadership as well as satisfying her internal creative fire. 


Kadey was recruited by Saddle Ranch Pictures in September of 2017 working directly with the Chief Creative Officer and Chairman Philip M Cohen. At Saddle Ranch Pictures, Kadey works on projects for all of their place-based video networks such as Kid Care TV, Women’s Health Care Network, and their newest addition, Cannabis Medical Network as well as the company’s core feature film projects.