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In this heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, veteran 911 operator Jordan (Academy Award® Winner Halle Berry, Monster’s Ball, 2001) takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl (Academy Award® nominee Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine, 2006) who has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a madman’s car. But with the clock ticking, Jordan soon realizes she must confront a killer from her past to put an end to a serial killer’s haunting rampage.

In conjunction with Troika Pictures

A man with (Robert Sheehan) Tourette's syndrome brings his OCD roommate (Dev Patel) and an anorexic woman (Zoë Kravitz) along on a road trip to bring his late mother's ashes to the ocean.


Also starring Robert Patrick & Kyra Sedgwick

In conjunction with Troika Pictures

Doug (Nick Jonas) starts an affair with Lena (Isabel Lucas), the young wife of an investment banker renting the house next door. Everyone becomes a suspect when Lena's husband dies and it is revealed he had a large life insurance policy.

Starring Tony Todd


Dream in American is a feature length ensemble drama that follows the journeys of several immigrants in NYC as they pursue their personal American dreams.

This comedy revolves around “Giselle”, a homely, inept 20-year old agoraphobic who unknowingly hires a young man, Blake, dressed in drag as her “female” assistant.    Viewing this as opportunity to hide from angry bookies, Blake unknowingly ends up grooming Giselle into his dream girl.

Steve, the youngest of nine brothers, has a dream to run the Boyles' restaurant but his overbearing family, his lust for Joyce the waitress and his jealousy of Victor, the most perfect human, stand in his way. Conversations with co-worker Carlos might help find a way to win back Joyce, own the restaurant, and earn respect from his family. That's if he doesn't kill someone first!

Can a burned out, has been- never was 80's rocker still rock today in the modern music world?

After a fatal decision results in the death of his entire squad, a haunted Marine must overcome his guilt to help capture a terrorist bomber on the loose in Iraq.

This full length feature film is based on a Saddle Ranch Pictures short film produced by Kate Cohen and starring the writer, Clark Koelsch



The Heart of a Knight

In conjunction with Toika Pictures

FANTASY - A young knight's quest to understand the relationship between Knights and their Ladies - what is true love? - and learns how to become a great Knight of the Round Table. Based on the novel "The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights," John Steinbeck's witty and passionate retelling of Sir Thomas Malory's enduring 15th Century literary classic, "Le Morte d'Arthur."


Writer: Jennifer Lee (writer/director, Frozen)

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